Parkland Funball is open for boys and girls ages 4-15

Costs for Funball

$45.00 per player + $10.00 late fee if applicable

$20.00 per family for Blueberry Community League membership

$200.00 deposit per family for fundraising – BINGO

  • Children can play at the age of 4.
  • The games follow Parkland Fun Ball Rules and Operations – MANUAL CLICK HERE-
  • Days of Play are also under the direction of Parkland Funball and include teams across the entire Parkland County Area.
  • Games are played at Blueberry Hall and Muir Lake Hall based on the schedule that you
  • You will be able to find at the Parkland Fun Ball website once the schedule is completed

Games are once weekly and practices are left up to the discretion of individual coaches. They can decide how many and when!!

Wednesday – 9-14 yrs

Thursday – 4-8 yrs

The 2022 season runs from the week of April 18th to the week of June 23rd.

We usually have some type of low key, family orientated wind up for the last practice.

Registration is available  February 1 – March 18, 2022

For more information please contact: Carrie McKay –

2022 Ball Information Letter

2022 Ball Registration Form

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